Lisanne Grey

Lisanne, is an overcomer, mother, grandmother, and lover of Jesus. She is also a registered substance use disorder counselor, recovery coach, human trafficking survivor, and captivating speaker. She is a State Certified Human Trafficking Case Manager and community leader. She enjoys serving in the children's ministry at her church. She has served as a "Rave Mom" alongside Plurway ministries that ministers to young adults attending rave events. Lisanne is a public speaker and presenter on mental health, substance use disorder, human trafficking, abortion alternatives and healing, and internet safety for parents and teens. She has presented at the following speaking engagements: San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health, A-21 Walk for Freedom human trafficking event, and Empowering Young Women's Conference. She has been featured on the "One Story Podcast" and "Life Empowered" podcasts. Lisanne is passionate about helping youth and adults break free from the bondages of addiction, abuse and mental and emotional instability.

Cher Bliss

Cher is a mother of two adult children, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Human Trafficking Advocate, and a servant of Jesus. She has worked for San Bernardino County Children and Family Services in the Independent Living Program (for Foster Youth) and is now currently working for San Bernardino County Workforce Development. She has served as a Youth Mentor for the Breaking Free youth mentoring program, Youth Leader and Youth Senior Camp Leader through her church. She is also a sworn-in CASA Volunteer that advocates for San Bernardino County foster youth. She has presented on various topics relating to human trafficking, internet safety and abortion alternatives to youth, parents and the community.

Her passions are to help youth live their best life through education, healing and empowerment. Part of that process is to come along side parents to educate, guide and coach them to deepen and solidify their relationships with their youth. Healing and strengthening the parental relationships will inevitably provide empowerment to the youth to succeed in life. While we know not all youth have parents to guide them, that doesn't mean youth can't have that parental guidance and love. It takes a community to raise up our next generation and that's where we (the community) come in. We can parent the parentless through compassion, empowerment, love and action.


Lisanne and Cher met while volunteering for a local Christian radio station in 2013 and have been working and serving together on many projects, educational events and ministries. They currently serve on the Advisory Committee for Garden of Life - The One Twenty Seven Project, helping mothers who choose life by promoting healing and financial support. They also serve with Pearls, a Christian organization that reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry and provides education on various sexual health topics to youth and parents. As passionate Human Trafficking Advocates, they serve as co-hosts for the Rancho Cucamonga A-21 Walk for Freedom human trafficking events. They have served with the Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries in the San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall, ministering to incarcerated youth. Lisanne and Cher enjoyed serving young foster girls at the Women of the Future event, which provided makeovers, a self-defense course and human trafficking prevention education. They volunteered to educate youth on substance use disorders, relating to alcohol, drugs and tobacco, at a local charter school through the non-profit organization, Limitless Heights.

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